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Why Do I Have a High Electric Bill?

With Americans spending over $5,500 per month to keep their households running, the last thing anyone wants is a higher bill. But if you're staring down staggering electric bills each month, it's time for a change.

What can cause a high electric bill? Read on to find out!

Outdated Lighting

If your home has lots of incandescent light bulbs or old lighting fixtures, you'll feel it in your monthly electric bill. Older, inefficient technology needs more energy to keep your home illuminated.

Updating to modern lighting fixtures can look better and save you money on your bills. Switching to LED lights will help, too. Bulbs with the Energy Star seal of approval could shave hundreds of dollars off your yearly electric bills.

Multiple Freezers & Refrigerators

Do you own multiple freezers or refrigerators? If so, these can ratchet up your monthly electric bill in a hurry.

While it's convenient to have a chest freezer or bonus fridge to store food, these appliances typically consume significant amounts of electricity. And that's especially true if they are old.

If replacing electrical appliances isn't an option, you can make some smaller upgrades to help. Replace the door seals on refrigerators that have hit the 10-year mark, and it's wise to service your refrigerator, too, to check the compressor and motor.

An Aging Furnace

As your electric furnace ages, it requires more energy to do the same amount of work. Although you should be able to get at least two decades of use from your furnace, it won't be as efficient near the end.

If getting a new furnace isn't in your financial picture, you can start with some smaller fixes. For instance, swap out the air filter regularly. A clogged air filter forces your furnace to use more energy to push air through it.

Old Windows

Old windows will gouge your budget in a hurry. While new windows offer a more energy-efficient solution, it can be an expensive proposition.

If you can feel cool air coming in, spend some time caulking those drafty windows. Adding new weather stripping around window frames and door frames can stop air from getting in (or out), too. You'll help both your furnace and air conditioning unit by doing this since your HVAC system won't need to work as hard.

Standby Electricity From Appliances

Lowering your electric bill may be as simple as pulling the plug. When you leave appliances plugged in, you'll be using electricity.

Even though devices like computers and scanners may not be in use, they're still drawing electricity. This is considered standby electricity, and it contributes to a higher monthly bill.

Manage A High Electric Bill

A high electric bill can result from inefficient old appliances. You'll also want to check your window seals and lightbulbs to ensure you're not wasting money. While you're at it, be sure to unplug items that are not being used to see some savings.

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