Ceiling Fan Installations

Technician On A Ladder Installing A Ceiling Fan

Working on your ceiling can be more difficult - and dangerous - than you think.

Anytime you are touching electrical wires or lighting in your home you run the risk of not just a safety issue but causing other electrical problems in your home. It is always wise to consult with a Seattle electrical professional for your own safety.

With a quick phone call to Fischer, we can schedule a time to come out and install the ceiling fan of your choosing. We recommend that you first choose the type of fan that you want, then email us a link to the product. We can consult with you about whether it is a good choice for your home and how long it would take us to complete the installation for you.

A ceiling fan can provide many benefits to a room in your home:

  • In the summer months, ceiling fans create a breeze that cools down your Seattle area home. This can save you money on your HVAC bills.
  • Ceiling fans also help to circulate the air in your home, preventing it from getting stale.
  • In the winter months, the heat in your home will rise to the ceiling. Ceiling fans move that warm air back down, minimizing the burden on the furnace to keep your home warm through the winter.
  • Ceiling fans also provide a great source of overheat lighting. They look great in most rooms and can be a smart way to add a decorative but also functional feature to your home.
  • Consider adding a ceiling fan outdoors in your home. There are specific ceiling fans that can be installed on your patio area or porch which can enhance the outdoor living comfort in your home.

The Fischer Difference

Fischer Electric is a great service provider for your Seattle, Washington area home for ceiling fan installations. Our licensed electricians ensure that everything is installed safely and according to the latest building codes.

Fischer Electric's certified electricians are professional, on-time, friendly, and experienced. We are a close-knit family business and we treat our employees and customers like family.

When Fischer comes out to install your ceiling fan our licensed electricians will be happy to take a few minutes and assess if you have any other electrical issues in your home that require urgent attention. Many homeowners in the Seattle area do not realize what the latest electrical codes are and may by local regulation require additional circuits or upgrades to their electrical panel. Our licensed electricians can very quickly educate you on anything that requires urgent attention in your home.

Get In Touch!

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