At Fischer, our certified and highly skilled electricians handle a wide variety of electric services.  We take each project seriously – and personally – to provide you with the very best customer experience.


We are certified for both residential and commercial work.  Our technicians can handle your electrical needs throughout the Greater Seattle area, from Everett to Bellevue and beyond. Our services include:



When you schedule a service call, our trained technicians can trouble-shoot a wide variety of issues. These include - but are not limited to – breaker/nuisance tripping, lighting issues and malfunctioning outlets.  We will consult with you on-site to diagnose your problem – and determine the best, most cost-effective way to rectify it.  If it is an electrical emergency, we will get to you as quickly – and safely – as we can.


    Did you recently buy a new washer, dryer, electric range or air-conditioning unit? Chances are, you need to add a dedicated circuit with its own breaker. This will enable you to power your new appliance without adversely affecting the rest of your electric system.  We will be glad to schedule a time to provide an estimate.


Our backup generators ensure you will never be without power during bad weather or other emergencies. Our expert team installs reliable backup generators to keep you and your family safe and comfortable no matter what happens.


If you have an older home or are adding large electronic items, you may not have enough breaker space. We can upgrade your panel to increase circuit capacity while maximizing safety.  Give us a call to see if an enhancement is needed. We'll ensure your home complies with all codes and remains powered without interruption.


During a renovation, you want to make sure that your electrical components complement your beautiful new décor. Our technicians can add circuits, ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets, surge protectors, nob and tube wiring, and more. We'll make sure everything is up to code for optimal safety and peace of mind.

Consider using Fischer Restoration, 206-633-2065, as your general contractor.  Fischer is an experienced home remodeler bringing a great breadth of expertise to the remodeling process. We have decades of experience across our lines of business in heating and air, electrical, plumbing and home restoration.


Adding new electrical fixtures and lights is an easy ways to refresh your home.  Our skilled electricians install new interior LED lighting, recessed lighting and dimmers.  These simple upgrades can give your home a contemporary new look.  Not only will your new fixtures illuminate your home and add to its decor, they may also be more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.


Thinking about switching to an electric vehicle?  We can install a home charging station for the latest addition to your car family. We'll provide an electrical load assessment as well as the necessary circuitry to keep your new car running smoothly.  Not only that, your car can charge as you sleep – how convenient is that?