Two Children Playing With Electricity On Floor At Home

Teaching Children About Electrical Safety

Can you believe that there are around 1,000 deaths every year due to electrical injuries?

Aside from electrical risks at work, there are plenty of potential issues that could crop up at home. It’s worth learning about electrical safety at a young age to give time for these cautious habits to stick.

You already have enough to worry about as a parent! Keep reading to learn how to teach your children about electrical safety.

Appliances and Wires Are Not Toys

You can start with the basics – explaining that appliances are not toys. They can play with their dolls and action figures all day long, but the toaster should remain on the kitchen counter.

The same is true for wires. Not only are they not toys, but they should stay as straight as possible. It’s worth telling them that crossing and tying wires in knots is a no-no.

From setting strict rules to showing educational videos, there are many ways you can ingrain these lessons in your children.

Water and Electricity Are Not Friends

It’s also important to note that electrical wires and outlets don’t mix with water. Don’t be afraid to emphasize just how dangerous the result can be.

Some children are too young to grasp the gravity of the situation. If they’re still toddlers, you should go out of your way to make your home even safer:

Child-Proofing Your Home

If you keep appliances like hair dryers in your bathroom, be sure to store them in a cabinet rather than having them out by the sink, for instance.

It’s a good idea to block unused outlets with furniture or outlet covers. You should also keep power strips out of reach by placing them behind furniture or as high up on furniture pieces as possible.

Are You Ready? Are You Safe?

When you teach your children about electrical safety, you can rest easier (wait, do parents get to rest?!?) Be sure to let other parents know about these strategies for instilling care and caution in their children.

If there’s ever a serious electrical problem, your children should know to ensure they’re safe and then call emergency services. After emergency services, you may need to call an electrical professional for repairs.

Safety starts with Fischer Electric. We can ensure that your home is properly wired and that everything is working smoothly. From electric panel repairs and replacements to lighting installations and much more, you can always rely on our high-quality services.

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