Do Commercial Buildings Need Different Lighting?

Hanging Ceiling Lighting In A Modern Commercial Office Building

Whether it’s a downtown office building or a retail store in the suburbs, lighting plays a crucial role for commercial spaces in creating the right ambiance, enhancing productivity, and even affecting the bottom line. But do commercial buildings need different lighting solutions compared to residential spaces? Let’s shed some light on this topic. Functionality vs.…

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The Benefits of a Residential Energy Audit

Residential Energy Audit. Efficient Consumption Invoice And Economy

Picture this: your home is leaking energy through poorly insulated walls, outdated appliances, and inefficient lighting. All of these factors contribute to wasted energy and higher utility costs.  Fear not — residential energy audits conducted by a skilled electrician can help pinpoint these energy drains and provide solutions to improve efficiency. An energy audit is…

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Why Do I Have a High Electric Bill?

Shocked Man In Candle Light Looking At High Bills For Electricity, Gas Heating In Cold Dark Room At Home. Energy Crisis And Inflation Concept

With Americans spending over $5,500 per month to keep their households running, the last thing anyone wants is a higher bill. But if you’re staring down staggering electric bills each month, it’s time for a change. What can cause a high electric bill? Read on to find out! Outdated Lighting If your home has lots of…

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7 Benefits of Commercial Energy Audits

Two Electricians Wearing Safety Jackets Auditing Air Conditioning Unit On Building Rooftop

There are almost 6 million commercial buildings scattered throughout the country. They account for about 35% of the energy used in the U.S. each year. These buildings are also responsible for generating more than 825 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions — about 16% of the entire country’s annual carbon dioxide emissions. With these statistics in mind,…

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How to Prepare Your Home for Winter

Snowy Home In Winter

The weather outside isn’t frightful (yet), but winter is on its way. Do you know how to prepare your home? Getting your home ready for the colder months isn’t difficult, but it does take some diligence. We want to help start you off on the right track with this brief guide on how to prepare…

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Meet the Fischer Family

Members Of The Fischer Team At Our Holiday Party

For more than 40 years, the Fischer family of companies has proudly served the greater Seattle community. We started with Fischer Plumbing in 1977, and added Restoration, Electric, and Heating & Air divisions over the years.  In addition to sharing a common name, the business lines share the same Fischer commitment to providing an excellent customer experience each and every house…

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