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Potential Problems when Remodeling Old Houses

Remodeling old houses can be fulfilling and profitable work. That said, catching problems in old houses before you buy them is an essential part of the process. Many people have lost large sums of money buying a house they only thought was good.

To help our readers learn how to renovate an old house, we've put together some advice for catching the most common of these hidden issues. Remember to check for all these common problems in old houses before you buy!

Termites & Dry Rot

We'll begin by discussing the issues that tend to most blindside renovators: mold, termites, and dry rot.

Almost any old, poorly renovated building is going to have one (or several) of these issues. What makes them such a hassle is they wear away at critical infrastructure in the home.

Removing them is rarely enough; you will almost always need to repair or redo the affected area outright. This gets expensive but can obviously be accounted for if you know the home is affected.

Mold (and dry rot) is caused by fungus finding a perch in a home. Most often, it results from an area collecting moisture, often due to leaky pipes (discussed later).

Insects can be a bit harder to predict. Termites (or the equivalent pest in your area) can attack almost anywhere, although wood weakened by moisture is a popular point of entry.

The big issue is the damage from mold, termites, and dry rot is often hidden. It's not all that rare for homeowners to think a problem is minor, only to pull back some boards and see havoc being wrought just beneath.

Often, it is best to take a "Where there's smoke..." approach to these problems. If you notice the signs there might be an issue, assume it's more extensive than it appears until you can confirm otherwise.

Anything To Do With Sewage Or Water

Flowing water and our sewage systems, which almost all require it, are the lifeblood of modern living. However, it's also one of the biggest trouble spots in old homes.

Before buying a home, inspect its pipes as thoroughly as possible. If water isn't flowing as it's supposed to, you want to know before you buy. Even more important is identifying leaks, which can cause massive damage if unchecked.

The good news is our experts can help with this tedious but important process. In fact, we can help with all sorts of renovating and remodeling projects, depending on your house's needs.

We're Experts At Remodeling Old Houses

If you've only started renovating old houses, the odds are good that there is a lot you have to learn. Meanwhile, even renovating veterans can rarely do all the work themselves, whether they know it needs doing or not.

Regardless of your expertise, we'd love to help with renovation or remodeling projects. Contact us today if you're interested in what we can offer you!