Bathroom Remodel

The True Cost of a Bathroom Remodel

Zhuzhing up an outdated, poorly designed, or ill-functioning bathroom is one of the most gratifying experiences for a homeowner. Going from a drab, displeasing bathroom to your dream commode can be challenging, though.

Many known and unknown costs are associated with major remodel projects, with the national average bathroom remodel cost at $10,811. Do not let the cost of redoing a bathroom dissuade you. The price is well worth it in the end. And, with knowledgeable and skilled specialists like Fischer to guide you through the process, you will have your dream bathroom in no time at all.

Fun Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas

If you are not sure if you want to remodel all of your bathrooms, renovating a half bath or lesser-used bathroom is the perfect place to begin.

Remodeling a smaller bathroom serves as a self-contained trial run for the master bath and the rest of the bathrooms in your home.

There are many new exciting ways to update a small bathroom:

  • Add cozy ambient lighting
  • Employ a cohesive palette
  • Install different textures and materials
  • Remove the clutter and optimize storage space
  • Add a recessed medicine cabinet
  • Replace the outdated toilet with a hidden tank fixture
  • Update ventilation

These are just some of the many ways you can update a small bath. After a small bathroom remodel, you will be more capable of remodeling the remaining bathrooms in your home.

Remodeling The Master Bath

Modern master bathroom remodel ideas are plentiful. What did you like and not like about your small bathroom remodel? Do you want to stay in the same style or try something new? Now is your time to shine.

Apply what you like from your half-bath remodel and expand it to fit your master bath. Add that recessed medicine cabinet and hidden tank toilet for a sleek and modern look. Get rid of that old mildewy tile and put down new luxurious flooring with radiant heat. Trash that old tub and get a beautiful clawfoot - or scratch the tub altogether. Your imagination is the limit. Go crazy and make it the bathroom you deserve.

Set Your Budget

Having a budget in mind going into a project is the best way to set expectations and the scope of a remodel. What do you like and dislike about your bathroom? Is it a total tear-out situation, or are there things you're fond of? Answering these questions helps you visualize what work you want to be done and helps you formulate a rough estimate for what you want to spend.

For bathroom remodels on a budget, consider:

  • Using low-cost look-alike fixtures and materials
  • Painting or refinishing a wood floor
  • Resurfacing a tub rather than replacing it
  • Swapping out old cabinet hardware for new
  • Installing a pre-fab shower

There are so many budget-friendly options on the market that you can remodel a bathroom on practically any budget.

Start Your Remodel Today

Remodeling a bathroom is an exciting, stressful, and ultimately rewarding experience. Experienced and capable specialists are there to guide you through the entire process. Take advantage of them and reach out today.