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5 DIY Projects Best Left to Electricians

Do you love fixing stuff around the house?

If so, you’re not alone. The home improvement industry is thriving — there’s nothing more satisfying than making upgrades or repairs to your home.

But there are some DIY projects best left to the experts. This includes electrical projects requiring a professional’s knowledge and skill to get the job done correctly. The key as a homeowner is separating electrical repairs you can do yourself from projects requiring professional electricians.

Here we take a look at which DIY projects you should handle, and which household repairs require a call to an electrician.

1. Installing New Electrical Outlets

Let’s start by discussing a common type of electric repair project that seems relatively straightforward and easy to complete. Replacing an old electrical outlet isn’t rocket science, but it’s not the best DIY project for someone lacking specific technical knowledge.

Unless you have experience installing or replacing outlets, and fully understand the potential safety issues involved, you’d be wise to find an electrician to handle the task for you. 

2. Wiring a Room Addition

Have you been planning to expand your home? A room addition is a great way to increase property value, but it also requires the skills of a professional electrician. It’s not the best option for your next DIY project.

3. Fixing a Short

Older homes tend to experience electrical shorts, creating potential safety hazards that shouldn’t be ignored. The best strategy is to call an electrician who can identify and rectify the problem.

4. Installing a Dedicated Circuit

When you remodel or make large upgrades, you may need a new, dedicated circuit for things like large appliances or hot tubs. These major household appliances often require more voltage than a standard outlet can safely provide.

These situations require specific knowledge and tools for doing the job correctly and safely.

5. Upgrading Your Electrical Panel

Does your electrical panel need replaced? Plenty of maintenance issues can impact your circuit box, and when it’s time to replace a panel, it’s not a project for novices. 

In fact, this ranks at the top of the list of dangerous home repairs. All the power in your home runs directly through your circuit box, and you’ll need to understand how electricity flows through each circuit breaker contained in the panel, and how to cut the power to prevent serious injury. This is better left to a trained professional.

Repairs that Require Professional Electricians

Most of us take for granted the convenience of reliable electricity — until there’s a problem. Leaning on electricians for repairs helps reduce the risk of injury when there’s an electrical problem in your home.

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