Standing Water In Home After Flood

Spring Cleaning: A Time for Home Repair and Remodeling Projects

Water damage repair cleanups can cost up to $7.25 per square foot, depending on several factors. The cleanliness of the water often determines how expensive the cleanup job costs. In fact, homeowners should consider water damage incidents an opportunity to prompt a home remodel.

Spring is right around the corner. Learning more about spring cleaning, like checking for winter water damage, can help plan home remodeling projects.

Repairs & Home Remodeling 

Water retention can cause permanent water damage. In these instances, repairing water damage found during spring cleaning can be the perfect opportunity for a home remodel.

Determine The Scope

Before you start a home remodeling project, you will need to determine the scope of the project. When it comes to water damage-motivated remodels, our team will need to come out and conduct a site visit.

Determining the scope of the project will help the team create a home remodeling budget that will properly finance all of the necessary repairs.

Start Home Remodeling Project 

Water damage eats away at your drywall, paint, and flooring. Once these areas are infected with mold, they need to be ripped out and repaired.

This repair work can be expensive if not also funded by insurance. At Fischer, we specialize in expert and affordable repair work. Our team of experts can come and quickly rip out the damaged flooring or walls and start anew.

Spring Cleaning Projects That Help You Avoid Water Damage

Water damage in your home can produce nearly irreversible damage. Mold and mildew build-up is a result of trapped moisture in your home.

The build-up of moisture in your home can be bad for your home and your health. Here are some easy ways to inspect for water damage and prevent long-term damage.

Inspect All Drains 

Spring cleaning is the perfect time to focus on repairing water damage and preventing water build-up. Clogged drains can cause floods or create long-term water damage. If you are looking for a great remodel project, you can upgrade your entire bathroom and plumbing.

Clean Out Gutters

Spring cleaning doesn't just take place inside. Cleaning up your yard and exterior property can help elevate your home. If your gutters get blocked, the water has nowhere to go, and water will flood your home. Clean gutters will redirect water away from the house and help keep it protected.

Secure All Windows

Window treatments and window replacements are great home repair projects that protect your home from unwanted moisture. Faulty windows or cracks in the sealant can make more entryways for water to seep into your home.

Inspect Your Water Heater 

During spring cleaning, you need to check on your water heater. If your water heater fails, an area can begin to flood in a matter of seconds. By flushing your water heater, you can avoid glitches and malfunctions.

Use Spring Cleaning For Maintenance 

Spring cleaning is the perfect time to reinforce and upgrade your home. Home remodeling projects draw homeowners' attention to moisture trapped in the walls and water damage.

Water damage must be treated quickly to avoid long-term damage. Contact us during your spring cleaning for all water damage restoration, or give us a call.