Don’t Freak Out — Fischer Electric Service Calls Have You Covered!

Electrician Showing Up For Service Calls

As a leading Seattle electrician, Fischer understands the importance of providing reliable, efficient electric service calls. We pride ourselves on being responsive, proactive, and willing to go the extra mile to ensure an exceptional customer experience. There is never a “good” time for an electrical issue to arise. However, major problems always seem to occur…

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Generac Generators Offer Reliable Standby Power

Man Holding Burning Match While Lighting Candles In Dark Kitchen During Power Outage,Stock Image

As electricians, we have seen firsthand the importance of having a backup generator for your home. Power outages can occur at any time and can last for hours and even days, leaving you in the dark and without essential appliances. A backup generator provides a reliable source of power, keeping your lights, refrigerator, and other…

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Does Your Home Have Double Tapped Breakers?

Double Tapped Breakers

Double-tapped breakers are fairly common but can be dangerous when left unchecked. Here’s what you need to know about the defect — including how to fix it. What Are Double-Tapped Breakers A double-tapped breaker occurs when two wires, or conductors, are connected to a single circuit breaker terminal. While both conductors may appear to “fit,”…

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How to Prevent Power Surges in Your Home

Outlet That Is Warped, Burned And Damaged From A Power Surge

Did you know that Americans use around five times more electricity than the rest of the world? Having access to enough electricity to power our favorite electronics is a huge convenience, but sometimes, things can go wrong. Power surges can cause significant damage to your home, your electrical devices and your appliances. This can result in expensive…

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Electrical Safety for Landlords

Modern Apartment Rental Building

Investing in rental property is a tremendous way to generate a continuous stream of passive income, but it’s also a lot of work. Being a landlord requires maintaining your property for your tenants. This includes electrical safety. After all, bad wiring can be disastrous, both putting lives at risk and potentially wiping out your investment.…

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Why Do Circuit Breakers Trip

Homeowner Holding Lantern To See Circuit Breakers In The Dark

Faulty circuit breakers can lead to major electrical faults that can end up costing you even more in damages. Circuit breakers in homes act as the control center to protect your home’s electrical work from damage. These electrical safety devices come in different sizes and are essential to help reduce the risk of electrical fires. Due to…

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Everyday Electrical Troubleshooting Tips

Homeowner Troubleshooting An Electrical Problem

Did you know that just one overloaded circuit can cause a complete power outage? While electrical problems are part and parcel of home ownership, electrical troubleshooting can help prevent faults and limit damage. Catching issues early can also save you money on repair costs. While some of these common electrical issues can be troubleshot quickly, a…

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How to Prepare Your Home for Winter

Snowy Home In Winter

The weather outside isn’t frightful (yet), but winter is on its way. Do you know how to prepare your home? Getting your home ready for the colder months isn’t difficult, but it does take some diligence. We want to help start you off on the right track with this brief guide on how to prepare…

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