Lighting Installations

An easy way to refresh your Seattle home is by adding new electrical fixtures and lighting designs.  Our skilled electricians install new interior LED lighting, recessed lighting, pendant lights and dimmers for a contemporary new look.  If your new light fixtures requires new circuitry, we can handle that too.

An added plus: not only will your new fixtures illuminate your home and add to its decor, they may also be more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Adding permanent new lighting can increase the value of your home when it comes time to sell. In the meantime, changing to a softer, warmer lighting fixture will make the whole home much more pleasant to the eye.

The time needed to install a new fixture varies, depending on the location of the light and the difficulty of connecting new wiring. Generally, most fixtures are completed within one to two hours, with more complex wiring installation taking the better part of a day to perform.

Unless you have previous experience, you should always hire a licensed electrician in Seattle like Fischer for any electrical project. Schedule a time to discuss adding new ceiling lights, wall sconces, or other lighting options to your home's beautiful decor.

Recessed interior led lighting in spacious living room

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"Hired Jared to install new recessed lighting in our living room. He was responsive from the beginning and was able to line up a date to get the job done faster than anybody else. We contacted him 2 days after the job was done to see about swapping out the lighting units for a different hue of light. He was out the next morning and swapped them no questions asked.

I would highly recommend Fischer Electric."

-Andrew B.