Electric Vehicle Charging

man charging electric vehicle at home

Thinking about switching to an electric vehicle (EV?)  Not knowing how you'll keep your EV charged is one of the biggest hurdles to car owners making the change to electric.

Residential charging in Seattle is both convenient and inexpensive. In fact, almost 90% of electric car charging occurs at home, since your very own garage charging station allows you to take advantage of low and stable residential electricity rates.

We can install an electrical vehicle charging station at your home for the latest addition to your car family.  We'll provide an electrical load assessment as well as the necessary circuitry for fast charging capabilities to keep your electric car running smoothly.

Not only that, you can recharge your EV as you sleep - how convenient is that?  Making your EV charging system a priority will reward you in the long run.

The U.S. government is prioritizing a national EV charging network under a $2 trillion infrastructure bill, but for now it’s going to take more than government support to successfully expand EV infrastructure. Don't rely on others - take your EV charging into your own hands.

Contact us today to see how we can reduce your EV's charging times with energy efficient fast chargers.


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