Man with smartphone unplugging charging cable from electric vehicle

The Future of Electric Vehicles: Trends, Innovations, and Benefits

Recent data from Cox Automotive suggests the sales of electric vehicles will hit one million by the end of 2023. As the automotive industry makes more upgrades to EVs functionality and appearance, more and more people will be attracted to these types of vehicles.

Once you learn more about EV’s, you’ll be first in line to purchase one for you or your family! Here’s more on the future of electric vehicles.


Improved batteries are a vital component of the future of electric vehicles in the automotive industry. Many consumers want a longer battery lifespan, enabling them to travel longer distances.

Moreover, better batteries will mean faster charging times. Trimming your time at the recharging station will make longer trips more palatable as the future of EVs improves.

Improving technology and supply chains will also lower the prices of these types of vehicles. It will also create a bigger appetite for the vehicle market.


Innovations in home charging stations are also creating a brighter future for electric vehicles. There are more than 56,000 public charging stations across the U.S., but using one at home is incredibly convenient.

Fully charging your electric car could take 30 minutes, several hours, or a half day — much depends on the charging system. The latest chargers are more efficient, and the next generation will certainly be even moreso.

Make your garage at your Seattle, Washington home your own personal charging station! You can avoid the local service station and charge your vehicle at a lower cost.

A fast charger at home is the best way to get your EV fully charged and back on the road.


Electric vehicles have a smaller carbon footprint than traditional gasoline engines. The electricity generated for EVs is generated using various sources, including coal, natural gas, solar, wind, and oil.

However, there are no tailpipe emissions with an EV. An electric vehicle produces far fewer greenhouse gasses over its lifetime. Meanwhile, scientists are working on utilizing better and cheaper minerals that are less harmful to the environment during mining.

An EV also has fewer moving parts, meaning less maintenance than a traditional gasoline engine. No oil changes. No problems with mufflers, radiators, or transmissions.

The federal government continues to offer tax rebates to encourage consumers to buy an electric vehicle. You could save $7,500 on your annual tax bill when you purchase an EV!!

The Future of Electric Vehicles

The future of EV’s will bring more innovations and benefits. Improved batteries, home charging stations, and lower emissions are just part of the future of EVs.

Consider purchasing a home charging station for your electric vehicle. Avoid waiting at a local or public service station to ‘charge up’ your electric vehicle. Our certified experts in Seattle, Washington, will show you all the benefits of having a home charging station at your doorstep.