ev charging in the snow

EV Charging Safety Tips

Did you know there are over 56,000 electric vehicle charging stations in the United States?

Owning an EV is becoming more and more convenient, AND it’s now easier than ever to have professionals install a charging station in your home. Whether you’re charging your vehicle at home or at a public port, it’s important to be careful. The last thing you’d want to do is endanger yourself or a loved one.

Are you not sure if EV charging presents any threats? Do you know how to keep safe? Read on to learn some EV charging safety tips.

Can I Charge an EV in the Rain?

Since childhood, we’ve all been taught never to mix water and electricity. So we wouldn’t be surprised if you wondered whether you need to behave in a certain manner with your EV when it’s raining.

Good news. You can safely charge your EV in any weather condition. Electric vehicles and their charging plugs are designed to withstand rain and water intrusion, not to mention pesky dust particles that could wreak havoc on an electric system.

However, you should ensure there’s no way for your home charging station to get wet. You will need to keep it indoors — garages are the most logical and convenient location.

Use Quality Chargers, Hire Expert Installers

If you’d love to charge your electric vehicle at home, then it’s important to hire a team of qualified professionals to install the station. They can not only make sure that everything is in the proper place but they use the highest quality materials.

Using an inferior brand or hiring an inexperienced team is a recipe for disaster. Be sure to turn off your EV anytime you charge it.

Don’t Use Extension Cords

With EV charging, you should also avoid using any extension cords. Charging stations are not built for this. Instead, call in the professionals and let them know that you need a longer cord in your station.

They can ensure the cord is both UL-listed and designed for the charging station in question.

Keep Pets and Children Away

A good rule for EV safety is ensuring everything is put away once you’re done using your charging station. This simple tip can go a long way toward keeping both pets and children from getting into things they shouldn’t.

While using the charging station, it’s best to keep your pet in another room until it’s done. It’s also worth taking the time to explain to your kids that the charging station isn’t a toy and can be dangerous if they try to play with it.

Are You Ready to Charge Your EV Safely?

Now that you’ve learned a few EV charging safety tips, you’re ready to ensure every charging session goes off without a hitch. With a fully charged EV, you can get where you need to go stress-free. Don’t forget to let friends and family members know how to keep safe around your EV charging station, too.

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