Generac Generators Offer Reliable Standby Power

man holding burning match while lighting candles in dark kitchen during power outage,stock image

As electricians, we have seen firsthand the importance of having a backup generator for your home. Power outages can occur at any time and can last for hours and even days, leaving you in the dark and without essential appliances. A backup generator provides a reliable source of power, keeping your lights, refrigerator, and other…

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Current Concerns: Solving Electrical Issues in Commercial Buildings

the electrical system in a commercial building being audited

If you’re a business owner in Seattle, you know the importance of keeping your electrical systems up and running. Electrical problems can lead to lost productivity, safety hazards, and other issues that can harm your bottom line. Although electrical issues can arise anywhere, commercial buildings are especially prone to problems due to their size and…

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Does Your Home Have Double Tapped Breakers?

Double tapped breakers are fairly common, but can be dangerous when left unchecked. Here’s what you need to know about the defect — including how to fix it.  What is a Double Tapped Breaker?  A double tapped breaker occurs when two wires, or conductors, are connected to a single circuit breaker terminal. While both conductors…

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Are Ungrounded Outlets Dangerous?

A plug about to be inserted into one of two outlets

You might not pay much attention to the outlets in your home. We’re so used to them, we don’t really consider them unless they aren’t working correctly. But having the right outlet is essential for keeping your home and family safe. When it comes to ungrounded outlets, there’s some speculation about their compliance with modern…

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5 Home Electrical Wiring Safety Tips You Need to Know

Unfinished electrical mains outlet socket with electrical wires and connector installed in plasterboard drywall is under construction

Faulty electrical wiring is one of the leading causes of house fires in the United States. In fact, according to the National Fire Protection Association, electrical fires account for approximately 46,700 home fires each year. It’s critical to ensure your home electrical wiring is safe and up to standard. In this article, we’ll explore five electrical safety…

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How to Prevent Power Surges in Your Home

Outlet that is warped, burned and damaged from a power surge

Did you know that Americans use around five times more electricity than the rest of the world? Having access to enough electricity to power our favorite electronics is a huge convenience, but sometimes, things can go wrong. Power surges can cause significant damage to your home, your electrical devices and your appliances. This can result in expensive…

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Why Is My Electric Bill So High?

shocked man in candle light looking at high bills for electricity, gas heating in cold dark room at home. energy crisis and inflation concept

With Americans spending over $5,500 per month to keep their households running, the last thing anyone wants is a higher bill. But if you’re staring down staggering electric bills each month, it’s time for a change. What can cause a high electric bill? Read on to find out! Outdated Lighting If your home has lots of…

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Teaching Children About Electrical Safety

Two children playing with electricity on floor at home

Can you believe that there are around 1,000 deaths every year due to electrical injuries? Aside from electrical risks at work, there are plenty of potential issues that could crop up at home. It’s worth learning about electrical safety at a young age to give time for these cautious habits to stick. You already have enough to…

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Generators 101: Everything You Need To Know

Close up of woman hand lighting candle in the night, power outage, does not own a generator

Think quick: are you ready for an emergency? When you’re a homeowner, anything can happen, and usually at the least convenient moment. This includes losing power, especially during seasons of severe weather. The good news is it’s not too difficult to prepare your home for an emergency power outage. Many homeowners invest in a generator to…

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Electrical Safety for Landlords

Modern apartment rental building

Investing in rental property is a tremendous way to generate a continuous stream of passive income, but it’s also a lot of work. Being a landlord requires maintaining your property for your tenants. This includes electrical safety. After all, bad wiring can be disastrous, both putting lives at risk and potentially wiping out your investment.…

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